Miguel Angel Sanchez Cogolludo

Calle de Longares, 36, Madrid, España



In 15 years of professional carreer on CG, and a background in Computer Science and Video Production, I’ve had different responsabilities, developing skills for numerous aspects of computer graphics, with greater focus on hard surface modelling, lighting, and compositing areas. I also had working experience on rigging, animation, and fx simulation, so I have a complete vision of the entire pipeline of a vfx shot. My programming skills help me to enhance the workflow and streamlining the processes. My main interest is enhancing live action footage, making both invisible and bold visual effects. Skills: – Matchmoving (SynthEyes, Boujou) – Rotoscoping (After Effects, Nuke) – Modeling (3DS MAX) – Shading and Textures (Photoshop) – UV-mapping (3DS MAX, Unfold3D) – Compositing (After Effects, Digital Fusion, Nuke) – RenderingLighting (V-ray, Mental Ray) – Rendering optimization times – Rendering solving problems – Complex scenes management – Scripting for repetitive tasks automation (maxscript, python, php, mysql) – web and database programming

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