Pablo P. García

Madrid, España

Defined as «a future promise of our film industry»  by the web, Pablo (Madrid, 1987) stands out for his eclecticism and «the sobriety of his music.»
He currently works writing music both for film and audiovisual as for concert halls. Also, has developed a wide activity as arranger for different formations as «Cromática Pistona», «The Sundayers» … etc.
His formation is the basis of his eclecticism, formed from an early age in drums, piano and classical percussion in both the conservatory and private schools as the EMC in Madrid.
His great artistic interest, combined with his passion for cinema, led him to study composition privately with Oscar Navarro, internationally renowned composer, and film scoring and orchestration with Claudio Ianni, renowned orchestrator and conductor specialized in film music, in addition to spent one year at CSMA (Aragón College of Music).
Also interested in the merger of arts, he founded in 2013  the interartistic project Entreversos, where music and poetry come together.

Since 2015, he is part of  the Booooo Creative Studio team as composer, arranger and musical producer and is member of  Musimagen (spanish association of composers for audiovisuals).
He has composed the music of the internationally awarded documentary series «Hacia una Primavera Rosa», as well as the original soundtrack for several short films, documentary, commercials and multimedia applications. Also, has recently started an international career collaborating with some directors and producers based in the United States.

Pablo comes from a family with a strong artistic tradition, his sister, María, is a outstanding photographer and illustrator in addition to study 3D motion graphics for film & television, and his brother, Guillermo, currently studies drama.

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