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SEITOFILMS was born from two brothers “Canyellas Brothers” with the desire to innovate and to have the equipment updated according to the needs of the technicians. We start being technicians and we know the requirements and the demand that is requested with the equipment.


SEITOFILMS CAMERA SERVICE is a company specialized in cinematographic equipment rental services. With more than 10 years of experience we have the latest camera innovations in the audiovisual sector. Also a long experience in technical support in filming, because we started with the arrival of digital cinematography and the lack of this specialized technical advice on the market. So we can provide special and personalized attention as technicians as we are and not just as equipment rental personnel.


At SEITOFILMS we supply cinematographic equipment to provide the service to feature films, series, advertising, video clips, short films, etc. We constantly invest in the most interesting equipment on the market and we have a wide catalog. We also offer equipment transportation service with a professional driver in charge of it.


At SEITOFILMS we provide a comprehensive service and our technicians give complete support. In addition to our rental service, we offer personalized technical support. We help the client with technical questions, suggestions and we can even participate in projects as technicians. We also provide the necessary contacts to create technical equipment for filming. Our clients have the possibility of attending to us at any time (24 hours a day / 365 days a year) with the intention of giving an immediate solution to any question that may arise from pre-production to the end of filming or post-production.

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