Daniel Ferrer (VmDocs)

Barcelona-Sants, Barcelona, España


Nowadays, He lives in Barcelona where he works as a Freelance screenwriter, director and producer of documentaries and sociocultural projects. 

Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Master in Societat de la Informació i del Coneixement by the UOC University he is professional focused on the production and making of documentary films with strong educational nature. A passion, he combines with other audio-visual, photographic and literary projects. 

He has participated in photography exhibitions: «El rostre de les Oliveres» along with Pere Ferrer and Jose Sedano, and individually: «Stefan Cools, the artist». 

His documentary filmography includes: The Inspiration of Van Gogh selected in several international festivals, Fatherly equations, Imagining the Sagrada Familia, Stefan Cools: the artist, Natura ésCultura. He has also published some journalistic and literary research.

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